“Kastrakli 2019”, Western Rhodopes


From 21 to 25 September, in the area of ​​Orfey hut, Kastrakli Reserve in the town of Borino, you will be able to participate in the “Kastrakli 2019” expedition with the purpose of drawing maps of the caves in the area, studying newly discovered parts, taking GPS coordinates of promising objects in the area of ​​the Kastrakli Biosphere Reserve.

One of the attractions of the event will be a speleo competition.

There will be trekking and introduction to the natural sights of the area – Yagodinska Cave, Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave, Trigrad and Trigrad Gordge, Kastrakli Biosphere Reserve, Buynovo Gorge and many others.

All registered participants in EuroSpeleo Forum 2019 will be able to visit for free show caves in the region: Yagodinska Cave, Dyavolskoto Garlo.


20 September
Arrival and setting up the campsite.

21 September
Visiting Yagodina Cave (showcave) and the region of the Buynovo Gorge.
Route: campsite, Yagodina cave, region of the Buynovo Gorge and back to the campsite.
Caving equipment is not necessary.
Start at 10:00 AM.

22 September
Visiting Dyavolsko garlo cave (The Devil’s Throat Cave), region of Trigrad Gorge and conducting a speleo competition in the region.
Route: campsite, Dyavolsko garlo cave, region of Trigrad Gorge and back to the campsite.
For participating in the speleo competition you need SRT caving equipment.
Start: 10:00 AM.

23 September
Entering caves of “Kastrakly” region close to the campsite: Eminova Cave and the Spring of Kastrakly cave (water cave). Both caves are horizontal, so the needed equipment is just headlight and suitable clothes.

24-25 September
Exploring the caves in the “Kastrakly” nature reserve.


  1. Cleaning the “Kartofenata niva” (“Potato field”) sinkhole which is considered an entrance of a big unrevealed part of the “Spring of Kastrakly” cave system.
  2. Working inside the newly revealed cave “Osovo Gnyazdo”.
  3. Finding new caves in the area.

Campsite and accommodations

Campsite will be in the area of Orpheus hut near the town of Borino, in Smolyan District.

GPS coordinates of the campsite: 41.707892, 24.300995 (decimal coordinates, WGS 84)

Orpheus hut

Participants have to provide for themselves personal camping and speleo equipment as well as transportation and food.

You can also book your stay in Orpheus hut offering 25 beds (contact info: +359 887 530 128) or in some of the guest houses in the area:

You can reach the campsite by taking a bus to Plovdiv from the Central bus station in Sofia (there is a bus every hour). Then by a bus to Borino from bus station “Rodhopi” (available buses from Plovdiv to Borino at 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM and from Borino to Plovdiv at 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM).

In the town of Borino, there is a Tourist Information Center that can give you additional information for the area of Western Rhodope Mountains.

Contact info and registration form

Please, full the following online registration form.

If you have any additional questions, please, write us on: sk.paldin@gmail.com e-mail.

Aleksander Stoev +359 899 123 492
Lachezar Kovachev +359 885 999 788
Borislav Borislavov +359 889 454 770


Photos from Tzvetan Ostromski and Milen Neychev.

Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave

Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave

Yagodinska Cave

Yagodinska Cave

Eminova Cave

Cave “Spring of Kastrakli”

Cave “Spring of Kastrakli”

Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave

Trigrad Gordge

Trigrad Gordge