What to Expect

The 13th EuroSpeleo Forum will take place in the rooms of the National Educational Centre of the Red Cross, Dolni Lozen, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The program of EuroSpeleo Forum 2019 will include the following topics and symposia:

  • Cave Exploration & Expeditions;
  • Cave Biology / Bio speleology;
  • Cave Geology, Geomorphology and Geography of Karst;
  • Cave Protection;
  • Cave Rescue;
  • EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium.

As well as:

  • Speleo-Olympics Competition.

There will be a pre-meeting program (21-25 September), which will include caving, mountain and cultural trips. All field trips included in pre-meeting program and during EuroSpeleo Forum will be announced in the 2nd circular.

Pre-meeting program

To be announced.

Field Trips

To be announced.

26 September

To be announced.

27 September

To be announced.

28 September

To be announced.

29 September

To be announced.