What to expect?

Program of 13th EuroSpeleo Forum 26-29 September 2019, Dolni Lozen, Sofia, Bulgaria

The 13th EuroSpeleo Forum will take place in the rooms (venues) of the National Educational Centre of the Red Cross, Dolni Lozen, Sofia, Bulgaria.

National Education Centre of the Red Cross, Bulgaria

Polovrag Str. 31
Dolni Lozen, Sofia

More information how to reach the place.

The program includes presentations, poster presentations, scientific symposia, Speleo Olympics Competition, guided cave tours, Speleo Expo, a photo contest, film screenings and more. A National Forum of Speleology of the cavers in Bulgaria will be held during the 13th EuroSpeleo Forum.

General Panel with presentations on subjects related to:

  • Cave Exploration & Expeditions;
  • Cave Biology / Bio speleology;
  • Cave Geology, Geomorphology and Geography of Karst;
  • Cave Protection;
  • Cave Rescue;
  • EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium.


  • Symposium “Cave Climate and Paleoclimate – Best Record of the Global Change IV“;
  • Symposium on “Techniques for Remote Location of Unknown Underground Cavities”;
  • 2nd EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium;
  • Conservation Workshop (presentations and discussion).


  • EuroSpeleo Photo Competition;
  • EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival;
  • Speleo Olympic Competition.

Expo center

  • Speleo Expo;
  • Speleo Book Fair.

Guided cave tours, before and during EuroSpeleo Forum 2019.