During the EuroSpeleo Forum 2019, the following competitions will be held: EuroSpeleo Photo Competition, EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival, Speleo Olympic Competitions.

Call for entries for EuroSpeleo Photo Competition

During the 13th Euro Speleo Forum, there will be a photo competition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the organized cave movement in Bulgaria and the 45th anniversary of cave rescue in the country.

All kinds of cave-related photos (creative, documentary, humorous, etc.) are acceptable.

Photos should be sent as JPG file format of minimum 2500 pixels on the longer side.

Each participant may send up to 3 of his/her works via e-mail to along with the following information: photo title, description (where it was made), author, contact details. The author’s participation in the EuroSpeleo Forum is mandatory.

The photos will be shown at the exhibition at the EuroSpeleo Forum. The winning photos will be determined by audience voting. The names of the authors will not be displayed in the exhibition so that voters can cast their vote impartially.

The copyright remains with the photographer. The photographer agrees that his/her works may be printed and presented online for the purposes of a report of EuroSpeleo Forum 2019 without any modifications.

The three best photos will receive prizes from our sponsors.

We are looking forward to your best photos!

Deadline for receiving the photos: 1 August 2019

Call for entries for EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival

The EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival will also be held during the 13th EuroSpeleo Forum.

Screenings will take place in the evenings, in the halls of National Educational Centre of the Red Cross or outdoors. Acceptable materials are films or photos organized as a slideshow.

Anyone wishing to participate should submit their materials in MP4 format by providing a download link in an email to

It is preferable that the films should be no longer than 30 minutes and the slideshows should be no longer than 15 minutes. Each participant can only send 1 film or slide show.

The winning films and slideshows will be determined by audience voting.

The three best works will receive prizes from our sponsors.

Deadline for receiving a film or slideshow: 1 August 2019

Call for participants in Speleo Olympic Competitions

During the forum, the traditional Speleo Olympics competitions will be organized.

There will be competitions in several disciplines:

  • Team competition, including passing the complicated SRT system, climbing or descending on the ladder, self-rescue, etc.
  • Individual competition for speed climbing through pulley.
  • Combined individual competition, involving passing the narrow passages with transport bags, knotting knots with closed eyes.

The competitions will take place in a specially equipped hall or outdoors in the Centre. They are scheduled for two days (Friday and Saturday).

Anyone wishing to compete is required to provide personal equipment used in the single rope technique and to register in advance, on spot – Thursday or the days before.

The organizers have provided prizes for the winners (from 1st to 3rd places) in each discipline of the competitions.

More details will be published in the third circular letter.