Pre-meeting Program

As part of the 13th EuroSpeleo Forum, a pre-meeting program that includes caving, mountain and cultural events is scheduled for 21-25 September.
There are two main pre-meeting activities, located in different places in Bulgaria. One of them is in beautiful and wild Western Rhodopes mountain – “Kastrakli 2019” from 21st to 25th September.
The other one includes cave tours near Sofia – “Guided cave tours near Sofia” (24-25 September) and first 2 days of the Forum (26-27 September). The caves are not showcaves.

“Kastrakli 2019”, Western Rhodopes

From 21 to 25 September, in the area of ​​Orfey hut, Kastrakli Reserve in the town of Borino, you will be able to participate in the “Kastrakli 2019” expedition with the purpose of drawing maps of the caves in the area, studying newly discovered parts, taking GPS coordinates of promising objects in the area of ​​the Kastrakli Biosphere Reserve.

One of the attractions of the event will be a sports competition.

There will be trekking and introduction to the natural sights of the area – Yagodinska Cave, Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave, Trigrad and Trigrad Gordge, Kastrakli Biosphere Reserve, Teshel Gorge and many others.

All registered participants in EuroSpeleo Forum 2019 will be able to visit for free show caves in the region: Yagodinska Cave, Dyavolskoto Garlo.

To participate, you need to have camping equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, personal cutlery), personal equipment for SRT and the most important – desire to explore this wonderful part of Bulgaria.

Accommodation in ​​Orfey hut is possible but limited.

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Guided cave tours near Sofia

There will be guided tours of caves near Sofia within the pre-meeting program (24-25) and first 2 days of the Forum (26-27).

Guided tours of the following caves are planned for Duhlata Cave (the longest cave in Bulgaria), Temnata Dupka – Lakatnik, Temnata Dupka – Berende izvor, Elata Cave. The caves are not showcaves, therefore caving equipment is needed.

There will be guides for all cave tours. Those who are unable to use their own transport need to note that in the online registration form.

Accommodation for the pre-meeting program will be available at the base of the National Educational Centre of the Red Cross from Monday 23 September, after 16:00.

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