First Application of Near Infrared Imaging for Remote Location of Caves

This work presents a first successful attempt for using near infrared (NIR) imaging for remote location of caves. In May 2019 we have found entrance of a new unknown so far cave near Karlukovo by using a thermal camera. We recorded the same scenery in NIR and visible region. Later calculations of the difference between visible (Fig.1) and NIR (Fig.2) images demonstrated that cave entrance and all smaller outlets of cave air are recorded on the obtained image. This demonstrates that NIR imaging can be used for remote location of caves. This research was supported by BSF with DN14/4 grant to Y. Shopov.

Presenter: Ludmil Tsankov

Other coauthors:  

Yavor Shopov 1*, Anton Filipov 2 , Ludmil Tsankov1

1Sofia University, Faculty of Physics, *University Center for Space Research and Technologies

2 Sofia University, Faculty of Geology and Geography

Section: Symposium on “Techniques for Remote Location of Unknown Underground Cavities”

Type: oral presentation

Short bio of the presenter:

Dr. Ludmil Tsankov is Associate Professor at the Department of Nuclear Engineering of the University of Sofia. His scientific fields of interest cover environmental radioactivity, radiation detectors, optical and fluorescent methods.

Оrganization: Sofia University, Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Geology and Geography

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