“The Caves” – the first periodical on karst and caves in Russia

“The Caves” was founded in 1947 by Professor Georgy A. Maksimovich who became the first editor-in-chief. The digest was called “The Speleological Bulletin“ at that time and was the first Soviet periodical on karst. Since 1961, it was published under the name “The Caves“.

Editorial board was headed by Nikolay G. Maksimovich since 2008. At present, the collection is published regularly once a year.

The main rubrics of the collection are devoted to the caves of the world, methods of studying them, mineralogy and geochemistry of caves, speleotherapy, archeology, protection and rational use of underground spaces, reviews and reports on events and publications in the field of speleology and karstology, as well as other materials related to caves.

The full-text editions of “The Caves” are available on the homepage nsi.psu.ru/cave and other scientific and popular websites such as elibrary.ru, books.google.ru etc.

The digest is recommended to speleologists, geologists, geographers, ecologists, biologists, as well as anyone interested in karst and caves.

Presenters: Nikolay Maksimovich, Olga Meshcheriakova
Institute of Natural Sciences of Perm State National Research University
Perm, Russia

Section: Cave Geology, Geomorphology and Geography of Karst

Type: oral presentation

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