6th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium

Following the cycle of 2 years the next EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium will be held on 22-27 September 2020 on the island of Vilm in Germnany.

The 2020 EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium’s theme of Underground Biotop and Geotop, Best Practice of Protection – Expert Meeting: Natura 2000 Cave Habitats will focus on scientific and technical aspects of cave and Karst monitoring, protection and conservation, on speleological input, best practice and exchange of knowledge.

The Symposium will be organized in cooperation with the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

Preferably we would like to have the expert or the main responsible person for Natura 2000 cave monitoring questions of each FSE member state’s speleological organization present at this symposium to exchange experience, practical issues, cross-border coordinations and reporting problems.

Presenter: Jean-Claude Thies, ECPC president

Section: Cave Protection

Type: oral presentation

Short bio of the presenter: 
Being member of the ECPC since its beginning in 2007 the presenter occupies the post of president since 2015 and is well known from previous organized symposia on cave protection issues.

Others: European Cave Protection Commission (ECPC)


Previous EuroSpeleo Protection Symposia

2008 – Vercors, FR
2012 – Muotathal, CH
2014 – Baille Herculane, RO
2016 – ESC-Yorkshire, GB
2018 – Ebensee, AT

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