Show caves of the Czech Republic – what visitors do not see

Restoration work in Na Špičáku Cave. Photo: P. Zajíček

There are 14 show caves in the Czech Republic. They are managed by the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic that was established by Ministry of Environment. The purpose of its establishment was not only to ensure caves´ management, but also their monitoring and conservation.

Regular activities include monitoring of cave microclimate and survey of bats. Exploration and mapping continues in some caves. Archaeological, paleontological,mineralogical and other researches are also done in some caves.

Presenter: Olga Suldovska

Section: 2nd EuroSpeleo Show Cave Symposium

Type: Oral presentation + poster 

Short bio of the presenter: Olga Suldovska has been working  in the CaveAdministration of the Czech Republic since 2015 as an archivist and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) administrator.

Others: Cave Adminisstration of the Czech Republic

Maping of flooded corridor in Chýnov Cave. Photo: M. Dvořáček

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