Еxploration of the caves in the region of the village of Karlukovo by the cavers of the caving club Helictit - Sofia

Bancovitza entance. Photo: Tanya Krasteva

The Karlukovo cave area is one of the most interesting karst regions in Bulgaria. The Heliktit cave club has been working hard in the region for nearly 40 years, exploring some of the most interesting sites in the area – Bankovitza – Goliamata voda Cave system, Zadanenka Cave and others. The results of these efforts have been published in a number of publications, thus becoming known to the scientific and wider audience. Last but not least, this multi-year work has a crucial role to play in the ecology of the region, which is currently very vulnerable.

Presenting: Konstantin Stoichkov

Оrganization: Speleo club Helictit – Sofia, Bulgaria

Section: Cave explorations and expeditions

About the presenter:

Konstantin Stoichkov is a caver with many years of experience. He is involved in many club and other projects in the field of exploration and mapping of caves and precipices, in the field of karst conservation, as well as the study of spelestological sites. Over the years he has been involved in numerous cave expeditions both in the country and abroad. He is author of numerous publications.

Konstantin Stoichkov. Photo: Tanya Krasteva


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