Introduction of schoolchildren to field work on karst and caves

Speleovivarium, cave Dimnice. Photo: Franc Malečkar

Schoolchildren can connect in the active way the interaction of the natural and social elements and prosesses into the complex understanding of the coexistence of man and nature. The sense to maintain sustainable living is proved with practical examples, eg. the protection of karst aquifers.

With the team field activity the child can express the skills that into the school can not, provides experiential education, which also means that this method works effectively and is also reflected in evaluations.

Presenter: Franc Malečkar,
Center for the curricular and extracurricular Activities, Ljubljana; Slovenia

Section: Cave Protection

Type: Oral presentation

Short bio of the presenter: Franc Malečkar has been working for more than two decades as an instructor in the Center for the curricular and extracurricular Activities, Ljubljana, where he is responsible for several one-day programs with karstological content.

Children’s painting ex tempore in the Dimnice cave

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