History of UIS Cave Rescue Commission

Cave Rescue Commission (CRC) is among the first commissions which is actively existing since the first steps of UIS. It was established by Alexis de Martinoff in 1965. Following presidents have continued his job to realize his dream on field of cave rescue. As main target the presidents promoted to organize regular meetings, congresses, or international conferences on the subject of the subterranean help. During second international meeting held in Mozet/Belgium in 1971, it was decided to organize every four years an international cave rescue conference. First meeting of cave doctors was held at Eisriesenwelt/Austria in 1975.

Nowadays CRC held conferences in different countries on four years and held commission meetings on the occasion of ICSes. Those meetings deal with differents topics of rescue activity like medical, technical, communication, responsibility, insurance policy, legal and other important aspects. Share the rescue informations and experiences among UIS member countries. During international meetings the participants did demonstrations and common trainings sometimes. On the 11th International Cave Rescue Conference (ICRS) held in Aggtelek-Josvafo/Hungary in 2007 where 110 representatives of the 26 countries created the Aggtelek Agreement which consist certain basic recommendations concerning cave rescue operations. That document may serve as support in negotiations between rescue manager and administration. Now it is functioning as UIS Governmental Recommendation on Cave Rescues. Only 8 countries were represented on the first international meeting about cave rescue held at Bruxelles and Han-sur-Lesse/Belgium in1963, but there were 110 participants from 14 countries at Vaumarcus/Switzerland where the 13th ICRS was held in 2015. Last event was held on the occasion of the 17th ICS in Sydney/Australia where 23 cave rescuers participated and reviewed the activities of the past 4 years and defined the tasks ahead.

Presenter: Gyula Hegedus

Оrganizations: Hungarian Cave Rescue Service / Hungary

Section: Cave Rescue

Type: Oral presentation

Short bio of the presenter: HEGEDŰS Gyula, speleo career

Gyula Hegedus started his speleo career in 1972 when he was university student. At that time he has joined the Cave Session of Meteor Touristic Club and he is currently a member of the club, and member of presidency since 2008.

A member of Hungarian Speleological Society since 1974 and he filled different positions during past decades as follows: secretary, member of education committee, member of disciplinary committee, member of supervisory board and member of presidency.

A member of Hungarian Cave Rescue Service also since 1974 and he filled different positions in that organization and participated in approximately 100 rescue operations. Currently he is responsible for the international relationships.

Gyula Hegedus is working for Karst and Cave Foundation since 1995 and he is the president of that Foundation since 2000.

He has been elected as an adjunct secretary of Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS) during 17th International Congress of Speleology held in Sydney/Australia, 2017.

He was participant and lecturer of many domestic and international speleo events like conferences and congresses. He did caving activities in many countries like Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.

He wrote one book (about a huge cave rescue operation) and about 80 domestic and foreign publications and took lot of presentations during speleo events.




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