Age Determination of Speleothems from Mishin Kamik Cave, NW Bulgaria

The entrance of Mishin Kamik Cave

Mishin Kamik Cave is located in the Western part of Stara Planina (Balkan) Mts, NW Bulgaria. This 695 m long maze cave is entirely phreatic, which makes the cave a geomorphological phenomenon for the country. A characteristic feature of Mishin Kamik Cave is the presence of buried speleothems, such as small stalagmites and flowstone, which implies multiphase speleogenesis. The performed U/Th dating of different speleothem samples proves that the deposits are of Late Pleistocene age.

Acknowledgement: This study is part of the joint research project between Bulgarian and Romanian Academies of Sciences “Paleoclimate reconstruction using cave deposits from Romania and Bulgaria” (2018-2020).

Authors: Konstantin Kostov¹, Silviu Constantin², Marlena Yaneva¹, Oana T. Moldovan², Alexandru Petculescu², Ionut Mirea²,  Ralitsa Konyovska³

¹Geological Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev St., 24, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

²“Emil Racovita” Institute of Speleology, Romanian Academy of Sciences, Frumoasă Str., 31, 010986 Bucharest, Romania

³National Museum of Natural History, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Section: Symposium “Cave Climate and Paleoclimate – Best Record of the Global Change IV”

TypePoster presentation

Short bio: Dr. Kostov is working on tectonics in caves, speleoseismology and karst geomorphology. Dr. Constantin is head of Geospeleology and Paleontology Department of the Institute of Speleology in Bucharest.

Phreatic shape of the cave passages in Mishin Kamik Cave


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