Biospeology in Kyrgyzstan

In June 2018 Alexey Dudashvili organised an expedition, the main purpose of which was speleo biological research in the caves of Kyrgyzstan. We were 7 cavers attending that expedition, 4 of us were biologists : 2 specialists for aquatic fauna, one for bats and I for terrestrial fauna.

I will present the results of my search in 10 caves. Of course, a lot of species have not yet been identified. However, about 80 different species have been collected.

Presenter: Josiane Lips

Section: Cave Biology / Bio speleology

Short bio of the presenter: Josiane Lips, caver since 1975 (groupe Vulcain, Lyon, France). Exploration of Gouffre Jean-Bernard. President of the scientific commission of the french federation of speleology and responsable of GEB (

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