Wonders and remarks of Bulgarian caves and karst

Prohodna Cave. Photo: Tzvetan Ostromsky

Short description and beautiful photos of some of the most remarkable caves and karst phenomena in Bulgaria will be given in this presentation. The presentation is intended to describe also the main features and current state of the spelological explorations of the reachest karst regions in the country. Some problems of protection and conservation of sensitive cave formations and karst terrains will be mentioned too.

Author: Tzvetan Ostromsky

IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Caving club: Iskar – Sofia, Bulgaria

Section: Cave Geology, Geomorphology and Geography of Karst

Type: oral presentation

Short bio of the presenter:

Tzvetan Ostromsky has been caving since 1982, when he was a student in mathematics and joined SPK Academic. He explored many caves in Bulgaria and abroad and made a lot of new discoveries in them. Cave photographer and a member of the Bulgarian cave rescue organization. Currently a member of Iskar caving club and the Bureau of BFSp.

Elata Cave. Photo: Tzvetan Ostromsky

Rushova Cave. Photo: Tzvetan Ostromsky

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